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Project Management

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Onsite & Offsite Project Management


Nishcorp has been in IT consulting since 1993.  We provide qualified IT professional for software application development for onsite as well as offsite development activities.




Project Proposal

          A typical proposal for an IT Project contains following sections:

  • Executive Summary

  • Engagement Scope

  • Technical Architecture

  • Suggested Technical Approach

  • Effort Analysis & Team Structure

  • Fee Structure


Project Team


Depending on the size and need of the project following team structure is adopted:

        CAT - Close to Actio

Close to action team is an onsite team that performs following activities as needed:

  • Detail requirement study and prepare system requirement document

  • Prepare a vision document & accompany use cases along with use case survey model.

  • Signoff of LCO (Life Cycle Objective).

  • Baseline the architecture.

  • Design the architecture.

  • Sign off LCA

  • Implement the developed software and test it.

  • Coordinate change order processing after and during the implementation of the Proposed Project.

  • Coordinate after implementation maintenance process with the GAT team.

Global Access Team (GAT)

Offsite/Offshore consulting team also know as “Global Access Team” (GAT) interfaces with the CAT (Close to Action Team) to perform following tasks -  

  • Develop and test the software on the basis of design provided by the onsite team.

  • Interact with the onsite team on a day-to-day basis during the implementation phase to incorporate changes.

  • Support CAT with the after & during implementation change order process

  • Support CAT with the after implementation maintenance process




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