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Nishcorp is a California based corporation, incorporated in the year 1997.  It is a minority owned small business entity


Nishcorp is a consulting firm with unique blend of Business and Technological Domain expertise. Founded in 1997 with focus on serving Government, Fortune 500 market segment, has serviced such clients in Retail, Telecom, Finance, Health Care sectors


It is a consulting company with offices in Bay area and offshore facility in PUNE - India, Nishcorp takes pride in performing following four types of assignments for its clients -


 1. Staffing – Human Resources Staffing Support

 2. Onsite / Offsite fixed bid or T & M projects (Technical & Business Verticals)

 3. Offshore fixed bid or T & M projects (Technical & Business Verticals)

 4. Back Office Support and Call Center Management

 5. Corporate training


Core Competency

  • Technology & Business Process Management Consultancy

    • Business process and Technological Analysis, Design and Implementation of a solution

  • Business Process Outsourcing

    • Strategic and tactical implementation of BPO model

  • Full Life Cycle Project Management

    • Life cycle involving conceptual feasibility to Roll out of a project

  • Call Center Management

Business Staffing & Projects

Nishcorp is involved in providing valuable resources to various companies and government agencies to help their permanent job placement needs as well as contractual job requirements in various business and administrative areas.  Various verticals that Nishcorp deals with under this category include the following:  

  • Government

  • Retail

  • Telecom

  • Finance

  • Health Care

  • Distribution

  • Real Estate


Also Nishcorp takes pride in assisting onsite, offsite and offshore with various business projects for its clients that include the following 

  • Accounting,

  • Business process outsourcing,

  • Business Process Management

  • Business Process Reengineering

  • Business Process Outsourcing

  • Business Process Audits and Certifications

Technical Staffing


Nishcorp provides valuable resources for permanent or contract positions to its fortune five hundred clients and government agencies for various mission critical assignments on administrative, technical, management, executive management levels.  Nishcorp uses its in-house expertise to interview & ensure proper selection and submission of a consultant to cater to its client’s business technical needs.  This category includes the following 

  • Web Development

  • Graphic Design

  • E-Commerce – B2B, B2C etc..

  • Databases

  • Data warehousing

  • Client Server Technologies

  • Various Software Languages – C, C++, Java etc….

  • Network Architecture

  • Data Storage

  • Telephony

Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP (Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP etc.)

Content Management


Technical Projects


Nishcorp is involved in effectively transitioning its clients from legacy / Client Server applications to e-commerce / EDI paradigm using cutting edge technology using latest tools and techniques such as Web sphere, Ariba, Net Dynamics, Broad Vision, Vignette, Client & Server side Forte, VB, VC++, Java, JDE, JDBC, EDI Maps etc.  These platforms are used to provide content management, access, routing and approvals, additionally also involved in interfacing the e-commerce paradigm with ERP software.


Nishcorp has executed some mission critical datawarehouse assignments for its clients using various software platforms such as DSS agent from Microstrategy, Powermart from Informatica with databases such as Sybase, DB2, DB/400, Oracle, Informix etc.


We have in-house expertise in developing Insurance industry, Health Care Industry (Claims processing / Pre Certifications / Medical Billing etc), Transportation Industry (B2B, B2C), Telecom Industry applications based upon Web based or traditional client server technology with conventional relational databases such as Sybase, DB2, DB/400, Oracle,  Informix, SQL Server etc.


Nishcorp has its own offshore setup to support mission critical (time critical) projects using distributed development methodology.


All the projects executed by Nishcorp follow its carefully crafted full life cycle project development methodology called NishMethod, which provides its clients with the implementation of a fully functional project and comprehensive documentation as an outcome of every phase. Various clients have shown interest in the offshore development projects to reduce overall cost of the project. Nishcorp is also involved in corporate training on various hardware platforms, operating systems and software skill sets.


Nishcorp has been partnering with its clients implementing cost cutting measures in the following way -


  1. Development projects: In current tough market situation it is difficult for companies to initiate mission critical projects, at the same time these project can not be put away for long,  we are developing these projects at our offshore centers in the skill sets mentioned above.

  2. Other Maintenance Project: Regular maintenance of various IT projects is being successfully done at our offshore center.

  3. Onsite Offsite / Offshore Back Office management and call center, Operation support: We are in the process of establishing Back office, call center & operation support centers to take over the handling of offline, during and after office hour operations management, and to take care of evening or night time call center management for our clients.  Depending on the client requirements and budget Nishcorp can facilitate the call center support either from its Pleasanton  based office and Call Center or Offshore Call centers.

Industry Challenges


Nishcorp acknowledges and deals with the various industry challenges and is extremely proud to provide staffing, consulting and project solutions for the challenges such as –

  1. Are we using too many resources to perform routine tasks?

  2. Would we rather be driving innovation that impacts company strategy?

  3. Are our costs to high? Are we competitive in market place?

  4. Is Lack of budgets compromising the quality of deliverables to our customers ?

  5. Is our company able to deliver strategic solutions to the market?

  6. Are we spending too much on Information Technology and other routine business process?

  7. Is it keeping us away from efficient utilization of current resources?

  8. Are we managing our customer expectations?

  9. Are we bringing out new versions of our services and products?


Nishcorp Offerings

  • Improved Agility,

  • Enhanced adaptation,

  • Increased optimization,

  • Seamless reengineering,

  • Continuously monitored change management,

  • Detailed process thinking,

  • Collaborative strategic realignment,

  • Assured cost-effectiveness,

  • Guaranteed quality,

  • Competitive positioning,

  • Productive Business process management

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