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Offshore Project Management




It is a well known fact that outsourcing & offshore development reduces the project costs by at least 30-40%.


Nishcorp has an Offshore Development Center in the heart of City of Pune, which is considered as one of the IT corridors of India.


Nishcorp uses its proven project development methodology called "NishFrame" which is compatible with methodology of big players in this field.


NishFrame facilitates the Project Management Team to execute the offshore projects very efficiently within given time limit.  It produces appropriate documentation at different stages of the project - Discovery, Design, Construction, Testing, Implementation & maintenance to keep track of all the activities, thereby keeping the overall progress of the project well under control.


Effective change management procedure, keeps track of changes suggested and required, thereby reducing last moment surprises.

For more details please send us an email to offshore@nishcorp.com






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