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Business Approach



Customer Delight | Business Model | Strength & Mission | Business Objective


Nishcorp's approach to Business Solutions is simple but highly effective and appreciated by all our clients, vendors, employees and associates.

  • Focus on customer Goals and Objectives.

  • Be receptive and responsive to the changing needs.

  • Complete the task on time with the expected quality.

Customer support and service are given top priority in our organization at all levels which involves:

  • Maintaining contact with the clients to ensure that their needs are being appropriately addressed.

  • Working with clients hand in hand to understand their environment and requirements.

  • Customizing and tailoring our plans and processes to serve them better.

Customer Delight

Business Model

We believe in Customer Delight rather than just Customer Satisfaction and therefore we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction with the ultimate goal of repeat business from every customer and consultant.


Nishcorp offers a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If the client is dissatisfied with the consultant provided by Nishcorp, immediate remedial actions are taken to remove the client dissatisfaction. Further if the client is not satisfied with the remedial actions taken by us a suitable replacement is offered and the client's decision to accept or reject the replacement is honored.

At Nishcorp we value each and every resource be it a creation of God or Man. Hence our Business Model is Optimal, Efficient and effective use of all resources to produce effective Business Solutions of desired quality and in the desired time schedule:

  • Man

  • Machine

  • Method

  • Money

  • Technology

  • Time

We are sure, you will enjoy working with us.

Our Strength and Mission

Business Objective

Nishcorp's strength lies in its Experience, Commitment to total quality, Flexibility to suite customer needs and a wide range of its value added services. At Nishcorp each obstacle is converted into opportunity, each challenge results into solution. 

We at Nishcorp strive for building a long-term relationship with everyone we deal with be it Client, Vendor, Service Provider, Consultant or an Employee.  We believe in a partnership that has a strong foundation of commitment to Total Quality, Professionalism, honesty, integrity, Trust and Respect.  Once you are associated with Nishcorp you can always expect a Win-Win relationship because our mission is:

  • To come together

  • To work together

  • To progress together

At Nishcorp we are committed to deliver high quality services. Total quality in whatever we do is our Motto.


Our Business Objective is to progress together with our clients by providing leading edge technology solutions of high quality to the customers to achieve and maintain their competitive advantage.




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