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Consultants - Our Backbone






Our "COOL" & Dynamic consultants are the backbone of our company and our Ambassadors to our clients.


They are highly qualified professionals with skills and in-depth knowledge supported by extensive experience in a wide variety of hardware and software environments.


Our expert professional consultants and engineers, can help you analyze, design, develop, test, implement and maintain the systems and applications that best serve your business needs; allowing you to focus on your core business.




Our consultants are trained to listen and actively participate in discussions at various stages of the project. With regular JAD (Joint Application Development) sessions they understand clearly the specific project needs, scope of the work, the deadlines to meet, their role and responsibility. This enables them to contribute creatively and deliver the desired results and thus they become a valuable asset to your Team.

Our consultants are trained to adopt a methodical approach in Problem Solving, which involves following steps:

  • Defining the problem

  • Observation & data collection

  • Brain storming with concerned persons.

  • Cause & Effect Analysis to identify different causes and their contribution to the problem. This analysis helps identifying all the causes and distribute them in 5 resource categories a) Man b) Machine c) Method d) Material and e) Time

  • Trivial Many Vital Few Analysis to identify main important reasons causing most of the problems. (Usually only 20 % of the reasons cause 80 % of the problem.)

  • Arriving at the probable Solution

  • Implementation the solution

  • Checking & reviewing the effectiveness of the solution

  • Final corrective and preventive actions to eliminate/reduce the problem







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